NRP 71 Managing Energy Consumption

​The NRP "Managing Energy Consumption" will focus on socio-economic questions. At an overarching level, the programme aims to develop basic scientific knowledge and practice-oriented approaches that will facilitate regulatory decisions and help set the course for the energy policy. Special attention will be given to areas with a high savings potential: commercial and private electricity consumption, residual heat in residential buildings and private transport.

Facts & figures

Overall fundingCHF 8'000'000
​Period of research5 years
​​President of the Steering Committee​Andreas Balthasar, University of Lucerne
​Team for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT-Team)​Andrea Leu (team leader), Senarclens, Leu + Partner AG, Zurich
Oliver Wimmer, cR Kommunikation AG, Zurich
Programme co-ordinator​Stefan Husi, SNSF
Call for proposals8 July 2013