NRP 19 "Materials for Tomorrow's Needs"

​The National Research Programme "Materials for Tomorrow’s Needs" (NRP 19) was primarily concerned with supporting the development of the high-grade materials and processes that are will be needed for future industrial products. Specific areas of focus were functional materials, composites and special ceramics. The objective of the research was to retain Switzerland’s advantage in those strategic future areas of material research in which it has a leading position, and to develop this in the form of new technologies as quickly as possible.

Facts and figures

Overall grant

CHF 16,000,000

President of the Expert Group

Volker Franzen

Programme Director

Volker Franzen

Completion of research work


Final report

Werkstoffe für die Bedürfnisse von morgen: Neue Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der metallischen Werkstoffe, der Spezialpolymere und der Keramik, Schweizerischer Nationalfonds/Technische Rundschau, Hallwag Verlag, Bern, 1991.