NRP 17 "Alternative Methods to Experiments on Animals"

The National Research Programme "Alternative Methods to Experiments on Animals" (NRP 17) supported research work that pursued the three following objectives:

  • Avoidance of animal testing by means of greater use of known methods and development of new methods that replace experimentation on live animals
  • Development of new strategies that allow the numbers of animals used in testing to be reduced
  • Refinement of experimental techniques with the aim of minimising pain and development of new methods to measure pain

The 3Rs (Reduce, Refine, Replace) formed the focus for this programme.

Facts and figures

Overall grant

CHF 2,000,000

President of the Expert Group

Michel B. Vallotton

Programme Director

Ferenc Follath

Completion of research work


Final reports

  • Brochures: Alternativmethoden zum Tierversuch/Méthodes de substitution à l'expérimentation animale/Metodi alternativi agli esperimenti su animali (können gratis beim Nationalfonds bezogen werden)
  • Alternatives to Animal Experimentation, in EXPERIENTIA, Vol.44, No.10, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 1988