Full House at the Global SNSF Fellows Network’s 2023 Summer Meet: A day among researchers

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Over 180 researchers met on August 29 for the first Summer Meet of the Global SNSF Fellows Network, an initiative by current and former grantees.

Current and former SNSF grantees met for a day of networking, talks and discussions about career paths and precarity in academia, and the opportunity to meet SNSF representatives. The event was organised by the Global SNSF Fellows Network (GSFN), an initiative run by the fellows, for the fellows. In its inaugural instalment, the Summer Meet attracted fellows based in Switzerland, Europe, North America and Asia and was well received: according to a post-event survey completed by 73 of 187 registered participants, 84% are in favour of a regular Meet.

The GSFN is an independent initiative run by a Board of current or former mobility postdocs: Tobias Schneider, Celia Chui, Vanessa Jaiteh, Katharina Jungo, Shriya Palchaudhuri and Alessandra Ferrario (an observer). The GSFN runs a Slack channel with over 500 SNSF Fellows, twice-yearly online events featuring diverse speakers, and regular online writing sessions.

To join the Global SNSF Fellows Network, connect with other postdocs around the world, and hear about future events: www.globalsfellows.netExternal Link Icon