Korean-Swiss Science and Technology Programme: 12 projects approved

By mid-March 2015, 30 applications had been received for the Korean-Swiss Science and Technology Programme (KSSTP). Twelve of them will be funded.

​The SNSF and its South Korean partner organisation, the National Research Foundation (NRF), were requested to collaborate on a call for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) by the State Secretariat for Research, Education and Innovation (SERI) and the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP). JRPs enable researchers in Switzerland and in South Korea to engage in collaborative research. Most of the projects will run for three years and, on the Swiss side, the funding will cover similar costs as SNSF-funded national projects (equipment, research funds, salaries, etc.).

Joint evaluation

The 30 submitted applications were jointly evaluated by the SNSF and the National Research Foundation in South Korea. Both organisations nominated international experts to sit on the evaluation panel. All in all, the partner organisations approved 12 projects, which are distributed as follows across the different subject areas of the call:

  • Neuroscience: 5
  • Molecular physics: 4
  • Technologies and methodologies for big data science: 3

The SNSF will cover the costs of CHF 2.9 million for the Swiss part of the research, and the NRF the costs incurred in South Korea.

Korean-Swiss Science and Technology Programme