SNSF media courses for researchers 2021: new social video workshops and online courses

This picture shows two people and a camera.

Will my message reach the target audience? How do I come across on video? Our experts can help you deal skilfully with the media.

Scientists are very much in the public eye these days. Politicians, the media and the public expect them to explain, ask questions and provide answers. But the rules governing scientific discourse don't always apply in the public arena - this the past few months have clearly shown.

In the SNSF courses, experts will teach and practice with you the skills you need to make a good impression in the media. The courses will be geared to your specific needs. Whether facing the camera or speaking on the radio, whether in the print media, on social media or during video interviews and video conferences: you will learn how to use simple and precise language to present your research in a way that keeps your audience interested.

All our courses are taking place online for the time being. Until now, all feedback on this virtual format from our participants has been positive.

As of 2021, the programme will include social video workshops as well as specialised online media training. Registration for the 2021 media courses is now open.