Making research public: media courses for researchers in 2018

Do you feel at ease with the media? The SNSF is running a course for researchers who wish to improve their media skills. And, as a new feature in 2018, a social media workshop.

Are you well enough prepared to communicate with journalists and other media representatives, and do you know what to pay attention to in such exchanges? When you know what counts and what doesn't, you will be able to deal more effectively with the media and bring your message across more clearly. You can only be convincing if you know how to combine sound, vision and concept to maximum effect - because it's not only about "what" you want to say, but about "how" you say it. Practice makes perfect: the SNSF and its partners want to support researchers in honing their communication skills. All our media courses are suitable for beginners in non-scientific communication techniques as well as for researchers who want to brush up on what they have already learnt.

Identify topics and messages that generate interest in the media. Develop a simple but accurate language that can create excitement and convey the key questions guiding your research work. In the one-day social media workshop, you will learn the most effective strategies and presentation techniques for these still fairly new media. At the two-day writing seminar you will be able to try out some non-scientific writing techniques. And during the one-day media training course, you will practise your presentation skills in front of the camera and get some useful tips from the experts.

There are still some free slots. But please do not wait too long to register - some of the courses are already fully booked.