In the midst of a money rush

Whether it’s a twenty-franc note in your hand, a silver credit card, or a smartphone app – payment methods shape many of our interactions in our day-to-day lives. A look at the current situation.

It’s all about the money! The latest issue of Horizons dives into the currency battle and explains why there is such fierce competition between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, how capital is also dominant in love and politics, and how being rich or poor affects our personality. It also presents six Swiss start-ups that are aiming to stir up the investment business with their original ideas.

Horizons also looks at what research tends to suppress and reveals its blind spots.

Other highlights include the crisis in particle physics, kids with mega IQs at universities, and the superhero of the bees.

The latest issue of Horizons is just as diverse as research itself – and, as always, freely accessible for everyone.