SNSF Research Council: nine new members elected

The Executive Committee of the SNSF Foundation Council elected nine new research councillors at the beginning of December.

The following nine researchers have been elected as new members of the SNSF Research Council:

Mathematics, Natural and Engineering Sciences division

  • Olivier Schneider, EPFL, for particle physics
  • Aude Billard, EPFL, for engineering sciences
  • Joachim Buhmann, ETH Zurich, for data science
  • Karl Gademann, University of Zurich, for organic chemistry

The new research councillors of the Mathematics, Natural and Engineering Sciences division will take up office on 1 September 2017. They replace the following outgoing members: Kai Johnsson (organic chemistry), Michal Borkovec (environmental sciences), Bradley Nelson (information technology) and Antonio Ereditato (particle physics).

Programmes division

  • Anastasia Ailamaki, EPFL, for computer science
  • Jan Carmeliet, ETH Zurich, for engineering sciences
  • Andreas Mayer, University of Lausanne, for molecular life sciences
  • Nicolas Rodondi, University of Bern, for clinical research
  • Uschi Backes-Gellner, University of Zurich, for political sciences and economics

The research councillors newly elected to the Programmes division will start in their new role on 1 January 2017, together with Max Bergman, whom the Executive Committee of the Foundation Council had elected to the Research Council in September 2016. They replace the outgoing members: Kay Axhausen (urbanistics, spatial planning), Christoph Dehio (molecular biology), Dominique Foray (economics), Jürg Steiger (clinical medicine) and Frédéric Varone (political sciences).

National Research Council of the SNSF