SNSF media training courses: vacancies in May and June

The SNSF media training courses help you to communicate your research results with greater precision and impact. There are still some free slots in May and June. All courses are taking place online for the time being.

Do you want to make a more professional impression on social media? Are you wondering if your texts could excite a lay audience? Do you receive interview requests but feel uncomfortable in front of a camera or microphone?

The SNSF and the Mercator Foundation of Switzerland offer a range of specialised media courses in German and French: media training teaches you basic skills for successful interviews on TV and radio. Social media workshops focus on key tools and strategies when communicating on social media platforms. Social video workshops explore the importance of audiovisual content on social media. And writing courses help you to create readable and convincing texts, either in a one-day intensive course format or an in-depth two-day writing workshop.

Until further notice, all media courses will take place online via Zoom. The experiences made so far have been very encouraging. You can sign up anytime.