Research magazine Horizons: Research, what will you learn from the pandemic?

All at once everything was different and scientific advice was more important than ever. The latest Horizons wants to know how science interacted with the media and politicians. And it asks if science itself will change as a result.

The handshake became outmoded. A scientific task force began to sit side by side with the Federal Council at press briefings. Masks were made compulsory even though hard facts were scant. Interest in scientific preprints surged. The new Coronavirus did away with many old habits. The current issue of Horizons shows what this might mean for science and its role in society.

Other highlights include: epigeneticist Susan Gasser, who is eager to keep on doing research - and fighting for gender equality, an expedition into the tunnel of Mont Terri and a debate about the dignity of animals.

The current issue of Horizons is - as always - as diverse as research itself. And accessible to everyone!