r4d Programme: 2nd thematically open call on global issues

The second call of the "Thematically Open research" module is launched. Interested researchers from Switzerland with their partners from Africa, Asia and Latin America are invited to submit their pre-proposals via the mySNF platform by February 6, 2015.

The main focus of the "Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development" (r4d Programme) lies on the generation of new insights and innovative approaches, solutions as well as on the application of research results into policy and practice through transnational research partnerships. In the focus of the programme are the reduction of poverty and global risks as well as the provision of public goods.

For the thematically open research module, a budget of 6.6 million Swiss francs is available. Interested researchers are invited to submit their pre-proposals by February 6, 2015 via the mySNF platform.

The thematically open research module

The thematically open projects are inspired by the curiosity of the researchers ("bottom up") and motivated by the expected contribution to global problem solving. The aim is to gain knowledge and develop new concepts, approaches and methods through projects covering all thematic areas and especially on issues that are not yet on the agenda.