Reduction of teaching commitments

More time for your research

​Applicants in the humanities and social sciences can benefit from the pilot project for the reduction of teaching commitments in order to have more time for their SNSF-funded research project. Reductions of one to a maximum of four hours per week per semester (HWS) can be financed for a project of two to four years. Per HWS the SNSF awards a blanket amount of CHF 6000. Any costs that exceed the approved grant will not be covered by the SNSF. The hours affected by the reduction can be distributed across one or two semesters.

  • Participation requirements

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    Grants for the reduction of teaching commitments may be awarded if the following requirements are met:

    • The applicant's project must be evaluated by the humanities and social sciences division;
    • the requested duration of the project is at least two years;
    • the grant for reducing teaching commitments exclusively concerns the applicant
    • the applicant is full professor, associated professor or assistant professor at a university or professor at a university of applied sciences or of teacher education.
    • A period of at least four years must lie between two applications for the reduction of teaching commitments;
    • the relevant higher education institution must approve of the proposal in writing at the time of submission.
    • for each project only one grant for the reduction of teaching commitments can be awarded.

    Collaborators working for the project are not entitled to apply.

  • How To

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    ​Submit a proposal

    The application for a reduction of teaching activities must be submitted to the SNSF together with the project application.

    The application must include a written agreement between applicant and employer regarding the protected time for research.

    Evaluation process

    Applications for support grants concerning teaching commitments are evaluated by the Humanities and Social Sciences division within the scope of project funding.

  • Documents

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