Four Swiss projects selected by ERA-NET NEURON

Swiss researchers are participating in 4 of the 19 projects to be funded under the NEURON call "External Insults to the Nervous System".

In total, 94 consortium proposals were submitted in response to the ERA-NET NEURON joint transnational call 2016: "External Insults to the Nervous System". At the end of a highly competitive selection process, 19 projects were selected for funding. Among them are four Swiss partners, who will be financially supported by the SNSF in the coming years.

Mauro Oddo (CHUV) is participating in a study "focusing on development and validation of blood and imaging biomarkers of axonal injury following traumatic brain injury." Armin Curt (Balgrist University Hospital) is coordinating a project that aims to understand the mechanisms of atrophy associated with spinal cord injury by applying MRI-based in vivo histology and ex vivo histology. Armin Curt and Jan Klohs (University of Zurich and ETH Zurich) are participating in another study focusing on spinal cord injury-induced systemic maladaptive immune response and autoimmunity to central nervous system antigens. Ralph Schlapbach (ETH Zurich) is participating in a project aimed at identifying novel bioactive mediators of tissue scarring, inflammation and extracellular matrix remodeling after spinal cord injury.

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