Funding of 40 new SNSF professorships

In February, the SNSF awarded 40 new SNSF professorships to outstanding young researchers. They will take up their posts at seven Swiss universities and both federal institutes of technology. 14 grantees are returning to Switzerland after a period abroad.

​The average funding they will receive is CHF 1.49 million per professorship over a four-year period, which is sufficient for them to recruit teams and set up their own projects. The proportion of researchers who will return to Switzerland from abroad on receiving the SNSF professorship is 34%. In 2016, 39% of the grantees are women. This means that the targeted overall share of 30% for female grantees during the scheme's life-span to date (2000-2016) has been reached.

The 40 SNSF professorships are distributed across the higher education institutions as follows: University of Basel 3, University of Bern 13, University of Fribourg 1, University of Geneva 4, University of Lausanne 2, University of Neuchâtel 1, University of Zurich 6, EPF Lausanne 3, ETH Zurich 7.

In accordance with the regulations introduced in 2009, the SNSF also awarded two professorships in fields with a clinical orientation. SNSF professors in these fields (23 awards since 2010) benefit from optimum working conditions that are tailored to their needs.

The SNSF has awarded a total of 649 SNSF professorships since 1999, when the scheme was launched. Of the former grantees, 82% obtained a permanent professorship after completing their grants.

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