NRP 15 "World of Work: Humanisation and Technological Development"

Under pressure from the economic challenges and technological advances, the Swiss labour market has also been swept up in an accelerated period of change. This situation was seen both as an opportunity to reshape work and as a danger in respect of the relationship between people and work.

The objective of the National Research Programme “World of Work: Humanisation and Technological Development” (NRP 15) was to investigate the extent to which measures could help to place people at the centre of an evolving world of work. Such solutions had to take sufficient account of both the right to quality of life of workers, and of demands for productivity.

Facts and figures
Overall grantCHF 5,000,000
President of the Expert Group François Stoll
Programme DirectorAndreas Alioth
Completion of research work​1989

Final reports

Brochure: Menschen an der Arbeit; Ergebnisse aus dem NFP 15 (Alioth A.; Iten M. [Hrsg.]; 1990; 63 Seiten)