NRP 23 "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics"

The aims of the National Research Programme "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics" (NRP 23) were as follows:

  • Increase in training, research and promotion of junior researchers for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in Switzerland
  • Implementation and refinement of AI methods, especially in robotics
  • Creation of competence centres by concentrating forces on joint, integrated projects
  • Creation of a sustainable basis for successful participation by Swiss experts in pan-European research programmes
  • Understanding of perceptions and learning processes; building bridges between AI and cognitive sciences and psychology
Facts and figures
Overall budgetCHF 12,000,000
President of the Expert GroupO. Kübler
Programme Director​W. Schaufelberger
Completion of research work​1998

Final reports

  • Künstliche Intelligenz und Robotik, Technische Rundschau, Bern, 1993
  • Künstliche Intelligenz und Robotik, Heinzelmann E., SNF, 1994
  • 2nd NRP 23-Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Sept. 29, 1994, EPF Lausanne, Bless R. (Hrsg.)