A pioneering multilateral Open Science policy

Neuronale Netzwerke vor blauem Hintergrund

The funding network CHIST-ERA, in which the SNSF actively participates, has published its Open Science policy statement. This is the first multilateral declaration of its type in Europe.

CHIST-ERA is a network of funding organisations in Europe and beyond that promotes long-term research on digital technologies with a high potential impact. It is supported by the European Union through the ERA-NET funding scheme.

Working group under the leadership of the SNSF

During summer 2019 and in response to an SNSF initiative, CHIST-ERA created a working group dedicated to Open Science in order to close the existing gaps in Open Science policy at the multilateral European level. Ever since its creation, the SNSF has taken the lead of the working group. The latter’s goal is to formulate an Open Science policy that encompasses national policies and translates the Open Science practices of CHIST-ERA-funded researchers into a consistent framework, for which it provides comprehensive support.

About a year later, CHIST-ERA releases a statement, which summarises its engagements for excellence in science characterised by efficiency and transparency. 100% of the research outputs funded by CHIST-ERA, including research data, must be openly available in compliance with the FAIR data principles (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable).

Crucial also during a pandemic

"Today, the COVID-19 crisis has strengthened our convictions and clearly underlined the fundamental role of Open Science as well as its impact on society as a whole", says Ahmad Zein Assi of the SNSF, who heads the working group at CHIST-ERA. "So we are delighted to be taking this step forward precisely at a time like this."

That is not all: By establishing a new, comprehensive policy for the next regular call in 2021, CHIST-ERA hopes to inspire other European research initiatives to follow the same path. In addition, the network is committed to further refining its policy. Finally, its engagement also translates into the participation in the Open Science transformation by organising, in 2021, a new multilateral Call, for researchers, tackling open questions in Open Research Data.

Maximise the impact of science

For years the SNSF has been committed to open science, requiring the scientists it supports to make the results and data from their projects freely accessible. This reinforces the efficacy of the research.