NRP 24 "Chemistry and Physics on Surfaces"

The objective of the National Research Programme "Chemistry and Physics on Surfaces" (NRP 24) was to improve understanding and interpretation of phenomena on real surfaces. Original and innovative methods to produce, investigate and describe surfaces were desired. The surfaces to be studied in the programme were defined as follows:

  • Surfaces as interfaces between different phases
  • Internal interfaces of macroscopic apparently homogeneous, microscopic but inhomogeneous multiphase solids
  • Interfaces in disperse systems
Facts and figures
Overall grantCHF 15,000,000
President of the Expert GroupHansjörg Heller
Programme Director​Heinrich Rohrer, M. Siegenthaler (Adjunktin)
Completion of research work​1995

Final reports

  • Chemie und Physik an der Oberfläche
  • Chimie et Physique des surfaces