NRP 32 "Ageing"

​The National Research Programme "Ageing" (NRP 32) deals with the consequences of the demographic shift that is expected in the coming years as a result of the increasing number of AHV-pensioners. The programme aims to gain insight into the effects of demographic ageing on the economy, society and culture. It should also be clarified how help for the aged, nursing and the health system can be adjusted to the new demographic developments. and how autonomy and quality of life can be maintained as people age.

Facts & figures
Framework budgetCHF 5'000'000
​President of expertsHermann-Michel Hagmann
​​Director of the programme​François Höpflinger, Universität Zürich, Astrid Stuckelberger, deputy director, University of Geneva
End of research1999

Final reports

  • Höpflinger, François; Astrid Stuckelberger (1999). Demographische Alterung und individuelles Altern. Ergebnisse aus dem NFP 32 'Altern', Zürich: Seismo
  • Alter, Anziani, Vieillesse. Hauptergebnisse und Folgerungen aus dem Nationalen Forschungsprogramm NFP 32, 70 Seiten, Broschüre in deutscher, französischer und italienischer Sprache, Bern 1999