AP Energy Grants and Ambizione Energy: eight grants awarded in 2016

In May, the SNSF awarded four Assistant Professor (AP) Energy Grants and four Ambizione Energy Grants. A total of CHF 7.5 million has been allocated for these research activities.

As part of its initiative to promote young scientists in the field of energy research, the SNSF has awarded four researchers an AP Energy Grant. These grants are intended for newly employed assistant professors, generally within the framework of the development of inter-university competence centres (SCCER). 33% of applicants were successful. Three of the four assistant professors who received the grant will be carrying out their research work in the ETH Domain and one at a university. Three projects are associated with an SCCER, and 25% of the grantees are women (one out of four grantees).

Four Ambizione Energy Grants have also been awarded. 14% of the applicants were successful. The four grantees all come from the ETH Domain and the four projects are associated with an SCCER. This time, no female candidate has been selected.

The next call for proposals, which will also be the last, is scheduled for 18 August 2016; the submission deadline will be 18 November 2016.

  • Assistant Professor (AP) Energy Grants
  • Ambizione Energy