The brain has a bright future

© Foto: Matthieu Gafsou

Superbrains for all! Researchers are seeking to optimise mental function by testing its limits. The latest issue of Horizons goes along for the ride.

Our whole life takes place in the brain. Small wonder that medical researchers, psychologists and philosophers of life are constantly trying to optimise it. The latest issue of Horizons magazine delves deep into our heads to show how researchers are testing the limits of mental function, for example by implanting electrodes in the brain of people suffering from depression. Or by striving to create a superbrain with the aid of pills, neurofeedback or mindfulness exercises. Horizons also interviews Grégoire Courtine, a pioneer in neurorehabilitation, whose work aims to enable people with spinal cord damage to walk again. Finally, the magazine gets together with researchers to mull over the biggest puzzles of consciousness.

In a separate feature, Horizons travels to Ticino, where the Ceneri Base Tunnel has galvanised the research landscape: it now includes a project to build the most powerful AI-capable machine in the world.

Additional highlights include an interview with Fields Medal winner Maryna Viazovska, a serious look at funny men and laughing women, and an analysis of shaky collaborations with China.

The current issue of Horizons is as diverse as the research itself – and, as always, accessible to all.