SNSF Advanced Grants: call expected in mid-August

Photo of the outstanding researcher, Regina Kiener, professor of law at Zurich University. ©  Valérie Chételat

The SNSF is planning to launch a call for SNSF Advanced Grants in mid-August. They are part of the "Temporary Backup Schemes" and replace the ERC Advanced Grants, from which researchers in Switzerland are currently excluded as a result of the continuing non-association of Switzerland with the European research programme Horizon 2020.

In view of the current political context involving the EU, the SNSF is extending its transitional measures, thus enabling researchers at Swiss research institutions to submit applications for Advanced Grants to the SNSF.

Go-ahead thanks to decision by Federal Council

The additional call for SNSF Advanced Grants is based on the decision of the Federal Council of 25 June 2014 on the financing of transitional measures in the area of research. The SNSF welcomes this decision as the allocated funding will enable it to implement its Temporary Backup Schemes and award SNSF grants. That said, the SNSF is still hoping that researchers at Swiss institutions will be able to submit applications to the European Research Council (ERC) again by 2015 at the latest - this is still the best solution for both Switzerland and the European Research Area.

Similar conditions

Due to the extensive call preparations and the ongoing evaluation processes for Starting and Consolidator grants, along with high demand for existing funding schemes, the SNSF will open the call for SNSF Advanced Grants slightly later than the corresponding ERC call; probably in mid-August (ERC: 17 June). The SNSF is replicating the specifications and criteria of the ERC Advanced Grants almost in their entirety. The submission date will also be later than the deadline for ERC Advanced Grants; the SNSF will publish the date when launching the call.

The SNSF Advanced Grants are aimed at experienced, outstanding researchers who are well-established in their fields and have gained an excellent track record over the past ten years. The call is open to all scientific disciplines.

A dedicated website will be launched in time for the call, containing the call documents and all relevant information.

Interested researchers who do not yet have a mySNF user account are advised to register for one as soon as possible and to prepare their application in good time.