MD-PhD grants 2019

MD-PhD grants enable young medical doctors to conduct their own research project.

​Supported by the Swiss cancer research foundation (KFS), the SNSF and SAMS are launching a national call for MD-PHD grants in 2019. The grants enable young medical doctors with an interest in research to do a doctorate in the natural sciences, public health, clinical research or biomedical ethics at a university in Switzerland. The aim of the programme is to give grantees the opportunity to gain the skills needed for a career as a clinical researcher, as well as to gain more experts in translational medicine in the long term.

The MD-PhD grants are awarded for a minimum duration of two years and a maximum duration of three years. Applications will be evaluated in two stages: in a first step, the local MD-PhD commissions will compile a shortlist of applications, which will then be evaluated by the national expert commission.

Applications must be written in English, using the SAMS application form, and have to be submitted to the local MD-PhD commission at the university where the applicant is planning to matriculate for the duration of the doctoral project.