Call for proposals THCS: Personalised Prevention in Health and Care Services

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The SNSF is participating in the European Partnership THCS call. Swiss-based researchers can apply.

This call aims to support the implementation of innovative person-centered health and care models addressing prevention strategies with the key help of existing IT and digital technologies and services. The ultimate goal is to improve health and care system dimensions such as quality, efficiency, equity and sustainability.

Proposals should leverage the diversity in how disease prevention services are delivered across Europe and provide innovations applicable to different countries and health and care settings. Proposals should consider contextual and success factors that are linked to different roles, tasks, education and skills of healthcare professionals as well as the involvement of citizens, patients and caregivers and the contribution of other key stakeholders. Potential proposals should also address the challenges in adopting IT tools and digital technologies in health and care ecosystems, particularly the contingent needs to overcome legal, financial, cultural, technological, educational and adaptive barriers.

The call aims to address the transformative process that facilitates the integration of preventive strategies in innovative organisational models directly impacting the health and care systems. For this reason, actions on primary prevention are not in the scope of this call. The proposals must rather focus on secondary, tertiary and quaternary prevention.

Supported by the SNSF

An international panel will scientifically evaluate the pre-proposals and full proposals. Each partner in a consortium is supported by a funding agency from their country or region. Swiss-based investigators applying for financial support from the SNSF to participate in a call must be eligible for the SNSF project funding scheme. Alongside the application to THCS, they need to submit an administrative application to the SNSF by the same submission deadline. Investigators are strongly encouraged to contact the SNSF if they are submitting their first application. Further specifications for participation in the call are outlined in the List of national/regional regulations published on the call website.

The submission deadline for the mandatory letter of intent is 16 April 2024, 14:00 CEST.