Spark: The new SNSF scheme for unconventional projects

The SNSF is launching its new funding scheme Spark. With this innovation, the SNSF will be focusing more strongly on daring research approaches and ideas that show potential. The aim: risk-taking projects should also have a chance to receive funding.

The new funding scheme Spark fills a gap in the SNSF's funding portfolio. Spark is designed to enable research projects that are based on a promising and original idea. The new scheme will be open to researchers regardless of their experience and track record.

Researchers are encouraged to take risks. Even unclear or negative results add to existing knowledge.

For researchers from all disciplines

Spark is open to all researchers from all disciplines. As the focus lies on the project idea, researchers who think outside the box also get a chance. A double blind process ensures that evaluators assess the project and not the applicants.

Rapid implementation

The SNSF will make a funding decision within three months of receiving the application. This will expedite the funding of projects. Applicants can request between 50,000 and 100,000 francs for a project duration of six to twelve months.

Projects must start within three months of a positive funding decision.

Spark website