Research magazine Horizons: the many faces of diversity

This picture shows the cover of the latest Horizons issue.

The multifaceted history of the call for diversity: measures to promote diversity in academia are as diverse as the criticisms they attract. Horizons explores the lay of the land.

There is a worldwide call for more diversity in academia and many measures have been put into place to promote it. The latest Horizons tells the fascinating history of the diversity movement and highlights how research benefits from inclusion. In addition, the magazine presents eight outstanding international initiatives that promote more equality in science. Other questions include: what are the less desirable side-effects of such measures and how does the current debate about toilets at Swiss higher education institutions reflect on the state of diversity?

The second main topic explored in this issue is why a small country like Switzerland is a big player in space research: from the solar sail at the 1969 moon landing to the X-ray telescope STIX, travelling through space since 2020, to Swiss involvement in the laser lab that will be part of the ESA's LISA mission.

Other highlights include: microbiologist Anna Bischofberger, winner of the 2020 Swiss Book Prize, a visit to the home of ancient textiles, and exciting new developments in the area of semiconductors.

As always, the latest issue of Horizons is as diverse as research itself. And accessible to all!