Agora: new projects promoting dialogue between researchers and the public

This picture shows a group of people at a scientific exhibition. © SNSF

Of the projects submitted in response to the third Agora call for proposals, the SNSF has selected 19 communication projects with the public. These projects, importantly, not only promote knowledge transfer but primarily encourage dialogue between researchers and the general public.

The SNSF will finance 19 of the 52 projects which were submitted last August. The overall funding is close to CHF 3 million. This budget, which was increased in view of the rising demand, allowed for a funding rate of 33% (of the overall requested funding) and a success rate of 37% (of the submitted proposals). The projects are characterised by their great thematic diversity as well as by the creative means of encouraging dialogue, including a science-inspired play, an interactive exhibition on mathematics and performances of Latin declamations by high-school students.

The next call for proposals will be issued on 15 May 2014, the submission deadline will be 15 August 2014. The scheme finances small projects with a budget of at least CHF 5000 and larger initiatives up to an amount of CHF 200,000. Agora is open to prospective and advanced researchers from all disciplines. Specialists in communication, knowledge transfer, education or the arts may participate in the projects.