Horizons Newsletter: The impotence of experts

Dieses Bild zeigt das Cover der aktuellen Horizonte-Ausgabe.

Decried as liars and know-it-alls, experts are going through troubling times. The new issue of Horizons shows why their contributions are all the more important today. Other topics - both online and in print: the new kilogram, online reviews and dangerous misunderstandings at the hospital bedside.

The new issue of Horizons focuses on the crisis of expertise. Their specialised knowledge is met with growing scepticism. Today opinions carry more weight than facts, fake news travels faster than scientific insights. Horizons shows how scientific knowledge can regain some of its validity and how scientists can deliver credible statements.

The second main article in the June issue explains why and how the kilogram will be defined by fundamental physical constants in the near future. Horizons also pursues the philosophical question of what measuring means for science.

In addition, the magazine offers a portrait of Sandra Lösch. She analyses skeletons thousands of years old to understand how people lived and died in the Stone Age. Other articles explain the dangers of misunderstandings between doctors and patients, how bio refineries will turn cooked wood into fuel and why ratings on online platforms are almost always extremely good.

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