NRP 31 "Climatic Changes and Natural Hazards"

​The problems associated with climate change at a regional level and the resulting interactions between the climate, eco systems, natural disasters and society formed the main thrust of the National Research Programme "Climate Change and Natural Disasters" (NRP 31). The programme sought to expand understanding of environmental responses to suddenly occurring weather events and longer term climate change, and investigate ways in which political and social systems could respond with specific measures.

Facts and figures

Overall budget

CHF 20,000,000

Duration of the research

4 years

President of the Expert Group

Thomas Gutermann

Programme Director

Ulrich Roth, Stephan Bader (assistant), Pierre Kunz (assistant)

Completion of research work


Final reports

  • Bader St., Kunz P., Klimarisiken: Herausforderung für die Schweiz, vdf Hochschulverlag AG, Zürich, 1998, 276 Seiten, ISBN 3-7281-2605-5
  • Bader St., Kunz P., Climat et risques naturels: La Suisse en mouvement, vdf Hochschulverlag AG, coproduction avec Georg Editeur, Zürich, Genève, 1998, 276 pages, ISBN 3-7281-2606-3
  • Die Klimaverschwörung: Ein Wissenschaftskrimi, Hochschulverlag AG, Zürich, 1998, Videokassette VHS, Laufzeit 45 Minuten, ISBN 3-7281-2614-4
  • Das grosse Klimapaket: Klimarisiken als Herausforderung für die Schweiz, vdf Hochschulverlag AG, Zürich, 1998, Buch, Video und CD-Rom, ISBN 3-7281-2616-0

Research reports (in German; PDF, 72 KB) (PDF)