Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme: Call for Joint Research Projects

In the context of the bilateral programmes initiated by the federal government, the SNSF and the Indian Department of Biotechnology (DBT) are issuing a call for Joint Research Projects (JRPs).

​The SNSF and its Indian partner, the Department of Biotechnolgoy (DBT), are launching a call for proposals for Joint Research Projects (JRPs); the submitted proposals will be jointly evaluated by the two organisations. JRPs enable researchers in Switzerland to collaborate with an Indian partner. The SNSF will cover the project costs incurred in Switzerland, and the DBT the costs in India. Under the current call, the two organisations plan to fund up to twelve projects for a duration of four years.

The call concerns the following topic:

Blue sky research / basic research in the life sciences which is either biotechnology-related or biotechnology-inspired; biotechnology as key enabling technology including (but not restricted to) the following sectors: agriculture, environment, energy, materials sciences, health, medicine, industry (industrial biotechnology).