Belmont Forum: Call for proposals - Climate, Environment, and Health II

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The SNSF is participating in the Belmont Forum’s call for proposals: Climate, Environment, and Health II.

Since 2009, the Belmont Forum, whose members include funding organisations, research councils and regional consortia, has been funding calls for proposals, also known as Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs), to promote international transdisciplinary research in the context of global environmental change.

As a full member of the Belmont Forum, the SNSF is participating in the Climate, Environment, and Health II CRA (CEHII), which, as its name suggests, is concerned with the connections between climate, environment and health. This CRA has multiple objectives: to deepen understanding of the complex connections between climate variability and the effects on the environment associated with climate change, to develop prevention systems, to create climate/health databases and forecasts, to support long-term policy-making and cooperation, to include marginalised but disproportionately affected populations, and to develop and co-produce indigenous knowledge. The topics covered by the CRA are:

Topic 1: Decision-science of environmental behaviour and implementation

Topic 2: Food, environment and biological security

Topic 3: Climate risks to ecosystems and populations

Each project must include at least three scientists eligible to receive funding from three funding organisations from at least three different countries participating in the programme.

A total of 19 agencies from 10 countries funding researchers on all five continents have committed to contributing more than 12 million euros in cash and providing additional resources in kind in the context of this call for proposals. You will find a list of the participating countries on the Belmont Forum’s official website. The projects must include researchers in the natural, medical and health sciences, the social and economic sciences or the humanities, as well as social partners such as public-health and civil-society organisations and NGOs.

This call for proposals involves a two-stage evaluation process, with a deadline of 15 July 2023 for the submission of the pre-proposal. Projects positively assessed in the first phase of evaluation will be invited to submit a full proposal by January 2024.

Please take note of national directives and get in touch with the national contact person for further information and an initial eligibility check. Applications should be submitted on the platform indicated by the Belmont Forum. An administrative submission on mySNF is obligatory by January 2024, in parallel with submission of the full proposal for the second evaluation stage.