NRP 68 Sustainable use of soil as a resource

NRP 68 laid the groundwork for the sustainable use of soil in Switzerland. In so doing, it considered both the environmental and economic benefits of soil. The concept of ecosystem services made it possible to realise the value of soil functions and their contribution to human well-being. The results are presented in five thematic syntheses and one overall synthesis report.

Facts & figures

Overall funding

CHF 13'000'000

Period of research

3 + 2 years

President of the Steering Committee

Professor Emmanuel Frossard, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, ETH Zurich

Head of Knowledge transfer

Urs Steiger, texte, konzepte, beratung, Luzern

Programme Manager

Pascal Walther, SNSF


2013 - 2017

Overall synthesis

NRP 68 Overall synthesis (2018, in German)External Link Icon

The report focuses on the natural functions of soil and its services to society. It proposes a path towards sustainable soil policies that emphasises the importance of collaboration between the different stakeholders in the areas of soil use, soil management and soil protection.

Thematic synthesis

The five thematic synthesis reports are the result of a close dialogue between researchers and practitioners. They address an expert audience and offer answers to a number of challenges on soil in various policy areas.

Thematic synthesis report 1: Soil and food production (2018, in German)External Link Icon

Shows how soil-protecting management could become even more integrated in agricultural policy making.

Thematic synthesis report 2: Soil and environment (2018, in German)External Link Icon

Shows how soil compaction and the loss of soil organic matter could be reduced, and emphasises on the significance of soil as a sink and source of greenhouse gases.

Thematic synthesis 3: A soil agenda for spatial planning (2018, in German)External Link Icon

Proposes how to integrate soil quality into decision-making processes of spatial planning.

Thematic synthesis report 4 : Swiss Soil Information Platform (2018, in German)External Link Icon

Proposes a strategy for closing the gap in soil information.

Thematic synthesis 5: Ways to a sustainable soil policy (2018, in German)External Link Icon

Identifies the relevant areas of action for a sustainable use of soil.

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