219 registrations for SNSF Advanced Grants 2023

© Gettyimages | Hinterhaus Productions

The pre-registration phase for the SNSF Advanced Grants 2023 has ended. Registered researchers must now submit their proposals by 31 January 2024.

The SNSF has received 219 registrations for the SNSF Advanced Grants 2023 call - almost twice as many as in the previous year. This time, researchers whose application had been rejected in the first evaluation stage for SNSF Advanced Grants 2022 were entitled to submit a new application.

Registered researchers now have until 5 p.m. (Swiss local time) on 31 January 2024 to submit their proposals.

Due to Switzerland’s current status of non-associated third country in Horizon Europe, the SERI mandated the SNSF to launch a call for this transitional measure in 2023. It is aimed at researchers who want to conduct innovative, high-risk research in Switzerland.