Lead Agency process: new application guidelines

The Lead Agency process is aimed at researchers in Switzerland who wish to conduct a cross-border research project.

The SNSF has signed Lead Agency agreements or bilateral agreements with the following funding agencies: FWF (Austria), DFG (Germany), ANR (France) and FNR (Luxembourg). The process simplifies the submission and evaluation of transnational applications. For projects with partners in Austria, Germany or Luxembourg, researchers submit their application in the country in which the higher funding amount is requested. For projects with French partners, the evaluation alternates each year.

New: applications evaluated abroad also need to be submitted to the SNSF

If an application is evaluated by a partner organisation abroad, the application also has to be submitted to the SNSF. The research plan submitted to the partner organisation can be uploaded to mySNF in identical form. Only one additional form needs to be completed: the budget form asking for budget details of the partner abroad. Lead Agency applications that are evaluated abroad can be submitted to the SNSF at any time via mySNF.

For Lead Agency applications that are evaluated by the SNSF, the usual deadlines of 1 October and 1 April apply. For more details about each country, please visit the Lead Agency website of the SNSF.

Lead Agency - Facilitating cross-border research cooperation