Science must be out in the open!

In the age of fake news and alternative truth, it is more important than ever for objective scientific opinion to reach the public domain. In the SNSF workshops, researchers learn to communicate in a language that will convince even a very broad audience. By the end, they should be able to translate complex scientific findings into mainstream language.

In the SNSF courses, you will learn how to make a confident public statement under the guidance of experienced journalists and science communication experts. Both in front of the camera and microphone as well as in dealing with print and social media. You will break down scientific facts into simple but accurate language that can generate excitement and capture the essence of your research work.

In the two-daywriting seminar, you will become your own translator: armed with a better understanding of popular science communication, you will know how to convince and impress editors of print and online media. Or how to shine in your own blogs and newsletters.

In the new one-daysocial media workshop, you will learn how to devise strategies and presentation techniques for new media channels, which are also increasingly being used in the science world.

In the one-daymedia training course, you will practise your presentation skills in small groups in front of the camera and microphone. You will be trained to deal effectively with journalists and media representatives and get to know the inner workings of news rooms and editorial boards. This knowledge will enable you to present your core message more clearly and to set clear communication goals when dealing with the media.

Each course can be used either as your first step into popular science communication or as a refresher for skills you have already acquired. There are still some places available on our media courses at present!

The SNSF supports the courses in partnership with the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse), the Gebert Rüf Stiftung and the Mercator Foundation Switzerland.