Conference: "Gender and Excellence: Challenges in Research Funding"

Equal opportunities in research funding continue to pose a strong challenge, despite the efforts already made and the measures taken. Studies show that equal opportunities are influenced by various factors. The facts are known: the share of men occupying top positions in science and research is disproportionately high. Correspondingly, women are awarded less research funding than men. What is wrong with the system? Where do the problems lie? Is it time for new approaches to the challenges posed by equal opportunities?

The conference on 22 October 2014 in Berne offers opportunities to discuss these questions and look for a way forward. The following speakers are invited: Susan M. Gasser, FMI / Basel University and president of the SNSF Gender Equality Commission, Priyamvada Natarajan, Yale University, and Claartje Vinkenburg, VU University Amsterdam. In addition, the speak-ers will discuss their ideas with young researchers and representatives of the SNSF Research Council in a panel.