European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD) – call for proposals 2019

Call for transnational research projects that aim for quicker diagnosis as well as better understanding of the progression and mechanisms of rare diseases.

Together with over 30 other regional and national funding bodies, the SNSF is participating in the Joint Transnational Call 2019, the first of its kind by the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD, successor of ERA-Net E-Rare). The programme aims to coordinate research efforts in the area of rare diseases among European and non-European countries.

A panel of international experts will evaluate the pre-proposals and the full proposals scientifically. Every consortium member is supported by the funding body of its region or country. Applicants based in Switzerland need to meet the requirements of the SNSF for "Project Funding".

Applicants based in Switzerland who do not already have a grant in "Project Funding" are asked to contact the Administrative Offices of the SNSF in order to ensure that they meet the requirements. The proposals (pre-proposal and full proposal) have to be submitted at the EJP-RD and at the same time via mySNF.

The submission deadline for pre-proposals is 15 February 2019 and for full proposals 11 June 2019.

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