NRP 35 "Social and Legal Status of Women - Ways to Equality"

​There were three objectives of the National Research Programme "Social and Legal Status of Women - Ways to Equality" (NRP 35). The first was to identify the different models of equality underpinning policy measures to ensure equal opportunities for men and women. Second, the programme sought to identify the conditions and obstacles that hindered the implementation of equality policies. Third, it intended to propose potential, accessible possibilities for action that would help realise equal opportunities and rights.

Facts and figures
Overall budget CHF 6,000,000
President of the Expert Group​Ingeborg Schwenzer
Programme Director​Thanh-Huyen Ballmer-Cao
Completion of research work​1999

Final reports

  • Ballmer-Cao T.-H. : Sozialer Wandel und Geschlecht. Zur Gleichstellungsfrage in der Schweiz, Haupt-Verlag, Bern 2000.
  • Ballmer-Cao T.-H. : Changement social et rapports sociaux de sexe. La question de l'égalité en Suisse, Payot, Genève 2000