Research magazine Horizons: Research in the classroom

Dieses Bild zeigt das Cover der aktuellen Horizonte-Ausgabe.

The latest Horizons goes back to school: it looks at what research knows about learning and how scientific insights are integrated into teaching.

Research has revealed what really counts when it comes to learning. All the same, teachers are often slow in taking up advice. What is more, the expectations of citizens and policy-makers weigh heavily on the shoulders of schools. Find out which insights have nonetheless made it into the classroom, and which ones have fallen by the wayside.

The second key topic is also about learning: a personality test tells researchers what's special about their personal profile, independent of their research. Are their names more likely to be picked up by the media or to appear on the member list of an NGO? In other words: do their talents lie more in communication or in politics?

Other highlights include an interview with Martina Hirayama, State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation, a physicist who wants to predict everything and a study on how emotion research can make pigs happy.

The current issue of Horizons is - as always - as diverse as research itself. And accessible to everyone!