Horizons research magazine: The food of the future is here

Dieses Bild zeigt das Cover der aktuellen Horizonte-Ausgabe.

The planet is what we eat. That means smart food should be both healthy and sustainable. The latest issue of Horizons takes a peek at posterity’s menu.

University laboratories and research departments by the dozen are looking to create new recipes. Their aim is to produce sustainable and healthy smart food that’s commercially viable. The latest issue of Horizons features six projects from start-up company kitchens. The magazine also checks in with nutrition science to find out what ingredients are in the works, and explains why many people in Switzerland find the food of the future unappetizing.

In a second feature, Horizons takes us back to the March lockdown and offers first-person accounts from five researchers whose projects were particularly affected by it. Tough decisions had to be made. Relief work had to be organised. And, in one case, additional months were literally spent on ice.

Other highlights include astronomer Oliver Müller’s big discoveries about dwarf galaxies, a visit to a lab so silent you can’t hear a pin drop and the olfactory battle cry of plants.

As always, the latest issue of Horizons is as diverse as research itself. And accessible to all!