NRP 33 "Effectiveness of our Education Systems"

The National Research Programme "Effectiveness of our Education Systems" (NRP 33) aimed to increase knowledge of Switzerland’s complex education system and improve capacity of the system to evaluate and learn. The effectiveness of learning processes and parts of the Swiss education systems were studied.

The implementation activity supported the utilisation of the research work in education practice and policy. To this end, the findings from the individual projects and the programme as a whole were used to determine consequences and recommendations for specific target groups.

Facts and figures

Overall budget

CHF 15,000,000

President of the Expert Group

Walo Hutmacher

Programme Director

Uri Peter Trier

Completion of research work


Final reports
  • Trier, Uri Peter (Ed.).; Cosa frutta la nostra formazione? . Chur/Zürich: Verlag Rüegger AG; 1999, ISBN3-7253-0656-7
  • Trier, Uri Peter (Ed.). La formation: quel apport? . Coire/Zurich: Verlag Rüegger AG; 1999, ISBN 3-7253-0655-9
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  • Trier, Uri Peter (Ed.).Bildungswirksamkeit zwischen Forschung und Politik / Efficacité de la formation entre recherche et politique. Chur/Zürich: Verlag Rüegger AG; 2001, ISBN 3-7253-0686-9