Near 500 entries for the SNSF Scientific Image Competition

More than 200 Swiss researchers are participating in the SNSF Scientific Image Competition.

The Swiss research community has responded enthusiastically to the SNSF Scientific Image Competition, which was launched in November 2016. The SNSF has received 497 entries from 239 people.

Most of the images (271) are in the "Object of study" category, followed by scientific locations and instruments (98), pictures of researchers (66) and short videos (62).

The 227 contestants are based primarily at universities (107) and the ETH Domain (81), followed by universities of applied sciences (21) and university hospitals (10). ETH Zurich, the Universities of Geneva, Fribourg and Zurich, and EPF Lausanne had the highest number of entrants.

A jury of international experts is to meet shortly to assess the images. The winners will be announced at the end of April. The prize ceremony will be held on 10 May as part of the Journées Photographiques de Bienne, where the award-winning images will be on display.

SNSF Scientific Image Competition