More transparency: members of evaluation bodies now public

As of now, the SNSF will be listing the names of active members of its permanent evaluation bodies on its website.

The 90 evaluation bodies of the SNSF evaluate research proposals and lay the groundwork for the funding decisions made by the Research Council. All in all, these bodies have over 1200 members, most of whom work at higher education institutions. A third are women, and a third work at institutes based abroad.

The SNSF has decided to publish the names of these evaluators on its website from now on. On the one hand, it aims to make evaluation processes more transparent both for researchers and for the general public. On the other hand, the SNSF wants to draw attention to the important role played by the evaluation bodies appointed by the Research Council.

The SNSF also intends to name the members of non-permanent bodies who contribute to a sole evaluation round once the relevant evaluation has been concluded.