Research magazine Horizons: Preventing climate catastrophe - the clever way

The world is not going to end. But climate change is a fact. Courage and creativity are needed to prevent catastrophe. The latest issue of Horizons gives some examples.

Climate change is not a hoax, it is real. We need ideas that are both visionary and pragmatic to survive the catastrophe without serious harm. The latest issue of Horizons presents Swiss start-ups that give us hope and explains why democracy should not be tampered with, in spite of loud calls for a more powerful state.

Another main article illustrates the long and arduous journey of a clinical trial till it gains official approval.

Further highlights include a virologist who became a star during lockdown, a visit to a barn populated by mice, and a researcher who wants to reverse brain damage.

The current issue of Horizons is - as always - as diverse as research itself. And accessible to all!