NRP 70 and 71: the energy turnaround in three films

The projects of the National Research Programmes 70 and 71 include subjects such as the acceptance of new high-voltage overhead power lines, the factors that influence decisions to renovate houses and the options for storing electricity using compressed air.

Three films presented at the recent Swiss Energy Research Conference in Lucerne illustrate how National Research Programmes 70 "Energy Turnaround" and 71 "Managing Energy Consumption" aim to provide specific solutions to the challenge of renewing Switzerland's energy system.

A joint project between ETH Zurich and the University of Bern's Institute of Political Science sets out firstly to reduce the noise emitted by high-voltage overhead power lines and secondly to understand the political and democratic process that determine whether or not new electricity lines are accepted.

A second study is examining energy consumption in the homes of elderly people and the factors that dissuade them from taking steps to improve household energy efficiency.

Another project, which has been undertaken in conjunction with Ticino-based company Airlight Energy, aims to achieve a world first by transforming a redundant mucking tunnel from the Gotthard Base Tunnel into an adiabatic compressed air energy storage facility.

High-voltage overhead power lines

Elderly people's energy consumption

Energy storage by compressed air