NRP 04 "Research and Development in the Domain of Energy"

​The first oil crisis pushed Switzerland’s unilateral dependency on oil into the consciousness of the Swiss population. The objective of the National Research Programme "Research and Development in the Domain of Energy" (NRP 04) was to initiate and support research that would achieve a reduction in Switzerland’s energy consumption and oil dependency as quickly as possible. Private households represent the largest group of energy consumers. Therefore, the priority was given to research into opportunities to make more efficient use of energy for heating and ventilation, and for hot water (insulation, alternative heating systems, use of lower temperature heating). The creation and retention of capable research potential in respect of the manipulation of new technologies for transporting, storing and tapping energy was another important research focus.

Facts and figures

Overall grant

CHF 9,500,000

President of the Expert Group

Maurice Cosandey

Programme Director

Emile Aguet

Completion of research work


Final programme report

Rudolf Weber, Energie. Die Ergebnisse von 27 Forschungsprojekten; Verlag Paul Haupt, Bern, 1984/Energie. Les résultats de 27 projets de recherche; Editions Georgi, Saint-Saphorin, 1984.