At the Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR), the Lead Agency process has been integrated into the funding scheme "Projet de recherche collaborative international" (PRCI).

Lead Agency applications are part of the SNSF's "project funding" instrument. Within this instrument, applicants are entitled to have up to three grants running simultaneously, provided that one of them is a Weave/Lead Agency/International Co-Investigator Scheme or European Partnership project and provided the three projects clearly address different topics.

The duration of the projects is the same in both countries and must not exceed 48 months. The project is due to start on the same date in both countries.


The SNSF and the ANR have agreed to take turns as the Lead Agency on a yearly basis. The next submission deadline is spring 2025 at the ANR. Pre-registration of French co-applicants with the ANR is required in autumn 2024. If the application is submitted If the application is submitted to ANR, a copy must be submitted to the SNSF via mySNF within seven days.

If you are planning to submit your Lead Agency proposal in a language other than English (only possible in certain disciplines of the humanities and social sciences), you will need to discuss this with all of the involved agencies in advance.