Joint projects with Croatia

Simplified submission process: SNSF signs Lead Agency agreement with Croatian funding organisation HRZZ.

The Lead Agency process allows researchers in Switzerland and Croatia to submit a joint research proposal to one of the two national funding organisations. The applications must have a joint research question and a joint research plan. The parts of the project conducted in each country must be inseparable subprojects that cannot be carried out in isolation.

Part of project funding

The Lead Agency process forms part of the SNSF's project funding scheme. There is no additional budget for such applications, which are governed by the same provisions as other project funding proposals. Hence researchers may only submit a Lead Agency application if there are no thematic overlaps with applications under evaluation at the SNSF or with ongoing projects.

Usual submission deadlines

Applicants can choose which of the two funding organisations they want to apply to for financial support. They can either submit the application to the SNSF by the usual dates 1 April and 1 October, or as of October 2020 for HRZZ's submission deadline in January 2021.

The SNSF has also signed Lead Agency agreements with Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia and South Tyrol.

Lead Agency process