You can now create your CV in the new format

As of 3 October 2022, the SNSF will use the new CV format in its project funding scheme. CVs can already be created in the new format as of now. An initial information event will take place on 29 June.

Grant applicants have to submit a scientific curriculum vitae together with their application. The SNSF has now defined a new CV format. It will be launched in project funding for the submission date of 3 October 2022. The new format will then be extended step-by-step to all funding schemes.

The new format consists of four elements: information on education and employment, academic age, and texts in which applicants describe their most important scientific achievements and substantiate them with various papers. They also provide a link to their ORCID profile.

As of now, researchers can create their CV in the new format via the SNSF Portal. All the necessary information is available in the interactive portal. A SWITCH edu-ID and an ORCID ID are required when logging in for the first time. For submissions in project funding this October, applicants will need to create the CV in the portal, download it as a PDF and submit it together with the other application documents via mySNF.

On 29 June 2022, the SNSF will hold a public webinar for researchers and other interested parties to present the new CV and the functionalities of the platform. Please register via the link below.